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TRAINING COURSES Disha School Readiness Scheme By The National Trust

This is an early intervention and school readiness scheme for children in the age group of 0-10 years with the four disabilities covered under the National Trust Act that aims at providing training (specifically school readiness) and counselling to both children and parents.

The child should be in the age group of 0-10 years. The child should have one of the disabilities covered under the National Trust Act, of 1999, which are Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, and Multiple Disabilities.

Documents required to be brought by Parents or guardians for enrolment in a Disha Centre are:

  • Enrolment form.
  • Birth Certificate or Date of Birth proof of the PwD.
  • Disability Certificate.
  • BPL certificate or Income certificate of Parent or Guardian issued by competent authority as authorized by the concerned State/ Union Territory (for LIG or BPL family).
  • ID proof of parent or guardian f) Residence (Local) proof (Mandatory in case of LIG parent or guardian or for parents of PwD availing transport facility).

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TRAINING COURSESDiploma in Special Education IDD approved by the Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI)

Diploma in Education-Special Education(Intellectual and Developmental Disability) i.e. D.Ed.Spl.Ed.(IDD).The Program of D.Ed in Special Education (IDD) is developed for an understanding of varying disabilities and their implications.

  • To have knowledge of the typical growth and development of learners and realize the psychological aspects influencing learning and education.
  • To be aware of the underlying philosophies, evolutionary practices and policy provisions facilitating the education of children with disabilities.
  • To be aware of and apply various curricular strategies.
  • To appreciate various teaching approaches and use effective teaching strategies.
  • To apply various pedagogical approaches for teaching at the elementary level.
  • To provide support in the use of various intervention and therapeutic techniques.
  • To apply appropriate techniques to help students with high support needs.
  • To develop an understanding about the concept, construct and facilitators of inclusive education.
  • To realize the importance and role of family and community as a catalyst in the education of children with disabilities.

It is envisaged that such a programme would widen the horizon for the teacher trainee on completion of the course, to teach in special schools, regular inclusive schools at the elementary level, work in early intervention and preschool set up or undertake home-based teaching to support those with high support needs. In all such settings, the trainees who have successfully completed the programme can practice online and blended teaching too with confidence.

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TRAINING COURSESNiramaya – A Health Insurance Scheme By The National Trust

It’s an affordable Health Insurance to Person with Disability. It gives a health insurance cover of up to Rs. 1.0 lakh.It has facility for OPD treatment including the medicines, pathology, diagnostic tests, etc, Regular Medical checkup for non-ailing disabled, Dental Preventive Dentistry, Surgery to prevent further aggravation of disability, Non-Surgical/ Hospitalization,

Scheme Description

The scheme envisages delivering comprehensive cover which will:

  • Have a single premium across age band.
  • Provide same coverage irrespective of the type of disability covered under the National Trust Act.
  • Insurance cover upto Rs.1.0 lakh , on reimbursement basis only.
  • All persons with disabilities under the National Trust Act with valid disability certificate will be eligible and included.
  • No pre-insurance medical tests.
  • Treatment can be taken from any hospital.

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